Commercial Industrial LED Lighting

Are you a business owner looking to retrofit to LED lighting. We have partnered with Green Creative, Sylvania and Mills Lighting to bring you the best LED retrofit solutions. From wall pack, shoebox, highbay metal halide replacement lamps to complete fixtures, remember Faucet Farm has a lot more than faucets.
Green Creative 16130,11PAR30SNG4DIM/927NF25 PAR30 LED Bulb (75 Watt Halogen Equal Replacement) Short Neck LED Light Bulb PAR 30, 2700K, 25 Degree Beam Angle, Narrow Flood, 705 Lumens
Green Creative 16129,14PAR30SNG4DIM/927SP15 PAR30 Short Neck PAR30SN (75 Watt Equal Halogen Replacement) LED Light Bulb, 2700K, 15 Degree Spot Beam Angle, 700 Lumens
Green Creative 16125,12.5PAR30G4/930FL40/277V PAR30 LED Bulb (75 Watt Equal Halogen Replacement) 120-227V Universal Voltage, 3000K, 40 Degree Beam Angle, 850 Lumens

Green Creative 120W Halogen Equal PAR38 Flood LED Bulb (120 Watt Equal Halogen Replacement), 40 Degree Flood Beam Angle, 1150 Lumens, 3000K, 4000K

Sylvania LED PAR38 Bulb, 14W (100 Watt Halogen Equal Replacement), Dimmable, 82CRI, 1050 Lumen, 3000K, 25000 life, Suitable for Wet Locations 

74036, LED14PAR38/DIM/830/SP12/GL1/W - 12 Degree Spot - 3000K

74032, LED14PAR38/DIM/830/NFL25/GL1/W - 25 Degree Narrow Flood - 3000K

74034, LED14PAR38/DIM/830/FL40/GL1/W - 40 Degree Wide Flood - 3000K

100W Halogen LED Equivalent Replacement Light Bulb Uses Only 14 LED Watts, 1050 Lumens, Avail in 5000K or 3000K, 40 Degree Flood Beam Angle, Dimmable, Suitable for Wet Location, Energy Star Rated

74066, LED14PAR38DIM830FL40GL1WRP - 3000K Warm White

74064, LED14PAR38DIM850FL40GL1WRP - 5000K Daylight Bright White


Green Creative 16257,18.5PAR38G4DIM/930NF25/B Black PAR38 LED Bulb (120 Watt Equal Halogen Replacement), 3000K, 25 Degree Beam Angle, 1000 Lumens


Sylvania 75115, LED17T8/L48/FG/830/SUB/G6 - 3000K

Sylvania 75116, LED17T8/L48/FG/835/SUB/G6 - 3500K

Sylvania 75117, LED17T8/L48/FG/841/SUB/G6 - 4100K

Sylvania 75118, LED17T8/L48/FG/850/SUB/G6 - 5000K

T8 LED Tube 4ft SubstiTUBE LED T8 with frosted glass lens, 17W, 82 CRI, 2100 Lumen, 3000K, 36000 hrs life, non-dimmable. Compatible with electronic instant start, programmed rapid start T8 ballasts (Parallel-wiring) with input voltage of 120-277V, 347V

Green Creative 16335,17A21G4/827/3WAY A21 (60W, 75W, 100W Equal Replacement) High Wattage LED Bulb for 3-Way Switches, 2700K, Omnidirectional Beam Angle, 1600 Lumens. Ideal for Table Lamps
Replace 75W Halogen with the perfect equal replacement LED bulb Sylvania 79693, LED25PAR30LNHO/830/NFL25/W/UNV LED PAR30LN PAR30 Long Neck, 25W 82CRI, 2300 Lumen, 3000K, 25000 life, High Wattage, High Lumen, 25 Degree Narrow Flood, NON-dimmable, 120V
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Up to 100 LPW
  • Long life: up to 25,000 hours (L70)
  • 25 degree beam option, narrow flood
  • 120V
  • Outstanding color uniformity and beam quality utilizing COB technology
  • UL1993 & UL1598C tested
  • PAR30 LED Bulb
  • UL Wet rated
  • High CBCP performance
  • Great replacement options for high power halogen and HID lamp

Sylvania ULTRA LED HO PAR30 light bulbs deliver exceptionally high lumen output along with outstanding color uniformity and beam quality utilizing COB technology. Offered in a smooth heat sink, 25 degree narrow flood and 120 voltage. The high CBCP performance makes these lamps a great replacement for high power halogen and HID lamps.

  1. Operating temperature -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C).
  2. Use in fixtures that support a half pound lamp.
  3. Not for use with emergency light fixtures or exit lights.
  4. Can be used in enclosed fixtures (lamp life may be affected).
  5. Suitable for wet locations.

Sylvania LED13A19/3WAY/O/827/RP, 79187 3-Way LED Bulb A19 LED 4W/8W/13W (Replaces 40, 60, 75 Watt Incandescent Light Bulbs) Omni directional, 2700K Warm White

Sylvania 79600, LED30PAR38/HO/830/NFL25/W/UNV PAR38 LED Light Bulb, 30W 82CRI, 3000 Lumen, 3000K, 25000 life, NON-dimmable, Suitable for Wet Location Rated, Energy Star, 25 Degree Narrow Flood, 120-277V Universal Voltage

  1. Sleek, lightweight design
  2. Up to 100 LPW
  3. Long life: up to 25,000 hours (L70)
  4. 25° degree beam, Narrow Flood NFL
  5. Universal (120-277) voltage
  6. Outstanding color uniformity and beam quality utilizing COB technology
  7. 277V option allows compatible replacement for HID lamps
  8. UL1993 & UL1598C tested
  9. PAR30 LED Bulb
  10. UL Wet rated
  11. High CBCP performance
  12. Great replacement option for high wattage halogen and HID lamps