Dornbracht 26601360 Madison Exposed Shower Set with Rainhead

by Dornbracht

Exposed Shower Set with Rainhead (without Curtain Rod).

This Product Features:
shower with fixed riser projection 420 mm
back flow preventer in shower outlet
1/2" ceramic head part
shower with fixed riser/hand shower diverter
hand shower with back flow preventer
200 mm diameter rain shower with anti-scale system
rosette wall bracket ø 66 mm
Shower Faucet rosette ø 70 mm
Wall mounting rosette ø 60 mm
1250 mm shower hose with turning cone at both ends
concealed 1/2" x 3/4" S connectors (noise reduced)
height of fittings up to top edge of elbow 1180 mm
height of fittings up to rain shower (bottom edge) 1020 mm
gauge 150 mm
2x wall attachment: height adjustable, distance can be adjusted
Max. rainshower flow 9 l/min
Max. hand shower flow 9 l/min

Model Numbers: 26601360-00, 26601360-09, 26601360-06, 26601360-08