Dornbracht 27512710 Lulu Bath Shower Set

by Dornbracht

Bath shower set with individual rosettes.

This Product Features:
215 mm projection
M 24 x 1 aerator - male thread
back flow preventer in shower outlet
1/2" deck valves with ceramic head parts
automatic bath/shower diverter
bar-type hand shower with anti-scale system and back flow preventer
metal shower hose 2250 mm, chrome-plated, consisting of 1 pc. high pressure hose 500 mm and 1 pc. metal hose 1750 mm with turning cone
individual rosette 63 x 63 mm
hole diameter deck valve/hand shower diverter 32 mm
Inlet hole diameter 32 mm
2x 1/2" x 1/2" x 400 mm high pressure hose
20° 1/2" x 1/2" nipple for shower
The Perfecto installation kit is recommended for optimum mounting.
guide for shower hose
Max. hand shower flow 9 l/min
Intrinsic protection against back flow.

Model Numbers: 27512710-00, 27512710-06