Dornbracht 34455970 Madison Shower Thermostat for Wall Mounting with Fixed and Hand

by Dornbracht

This Dornbracht Item Features:
Shower with fixed riser projection 420mm
Regulator and stop valve with 1/2" ceramic discs
Shower with fixed riser/hand shower diverter
Hand shower with three settings with anti-scale system
1250mm shower hose with turning cone at both ends
Without temperature control handle
Concealed 1/2" x 3/4" S connectors (noise reduced)
Height of fittings up to top edge of elbow 1160mm
Height of fittings up to rain shower (bottom edge) 975mm
Gauge: 148mm
Wall attachment: height adjustable, distance can be adjusted
Maximum rainshower flow 9 l/min
Maximum hand shower flow 9 l/min
200mm diameter rain shower with anti-scale system
Outlet G 1/2"
Two-part push-on rosette Diameter: 65mm
Wall mounting rosette Diameter: 60mm
Rosette: wall bracket Diameter: 65mm

Model Numbers: 34455970-00, 34455970-06, 34455970-09, 34455970-08